Your website is now complete according to your specifications and you are super excited to get your own business started. But which hosting company do you entrust to host your website and what criteria will you use to make this important decision?

What is Web Hosting?

Simply put, web hosting is provided by a web hosting company which charges a fee for storage space for your website on its server. This allows individual and business websites to be accessible via the World Wide Web.

So, how do you choose the right web hosting service?

Website’s requirements?

As each website has different priorities, what is it that you want to achieve with yours? The web hosting company must satisfy your requirements for your website, as this varies for different websites.

What are the costs?

A thorough investigation is suggested before deciding on your web hosting company, including the understanding of their terms and conditions. Know that the cost is competitive and especially the renewal cost after the initial period. You do not want to be faced with exorbitant ongoing costs.

Be aware of costs that are too low as the hosting company may have to cut back on essential services and maintenance to continue providing their web hosting service.

Dedicated Hosting vs Shared Hosting

There is a vast difference between dedicated versus shared hosting and you must understand this difference to make the correct choice for your website.

With a dedicated web hosting service, a server is dedicated to only one client which results in a substantially higher cost, but you have the benefit of having complete control of the server.

With a shared web hosting service, many websites are shared on a single server resulting in much lower costs. However, your website may have less flexibility, having access to basic resources only.

Track Record

Do comprehensive research once you have settled on a web hosting company regarding reviews, recommendations, awards etc. to be sure that you are aligning your business with the hosting company that best suits your needs.

Client Support

An excellent client support will have a 24/7, open channel of communication between you and the hosting company to deal with moments of crisis.

Technical Support

Maximum uptime must be the objective of your hosting company providing high quality 24/7 technical support. When things go wrong, it is usually at the most awkward time and you want the reassurance that your hosting company minimises downtime as your business cannot afford it.


What security strategies does the hosting company have in place in the event of a server crash or cyberattack. You want to feel secure that your hosting company is protecting your website.

Business Growth and Addon Domains

With the expansion of your business, you may need addon domains that can be created with your control panel. If you have addon domains, you can create several domain names and websites with one web hosting service, resulting in less expense. Be sure if your web hosting company has a limit to the number of addon names.

Speed and Uptime

Customers will be put off if your website is slow, impacting on the quality of your website and they will surely click away from it, resulting in lost business.

Excessive downtime from your hosting company will also have a serious negative impact on your business, again resulting in lost business as your customers will not be able to find your website.

Try to find a review that tracks the speed of any web hosting company, as well as its percentage uptime which should be 99.5% or more.


Your choice of web hosting service will have a critical effect on the success or failure of your website, and indirectly, your business. It is crucial that you spend the time to ensure that you make the correct decision for the success of your business.

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