Affiliate marketing is a proven marketing initiative to grow your business. To start an affiliate program for your business is relatively easy, but do not expect affiliates to fall over their feet to sign up with you and market your products. To attract affiliates and to grow your affiliate marketing program is hard work and will require marketing of its own. Having a network of affiliates creates a win-win situation for you, your customer, and your affiliate. Here are some secrets to attract and recruit affiliates to your business.

Create an ideal affiliate avatar

You will not always be able to recruit perfect affiliates, so it is a good idea to create an avatar and to tick the boxes as they apply. Some characteristics may be to have a good understanding of your target market and the industry that you are in.

Affiliate Recruitment Page

Spend time on this as it is of utmost importance if you want to recruit quality affiliates. Make certain that the page on your website includes a description of the program, commission structure and a sign-up button. Your affiliate recruitment page must be SEO optimized as it will be shared on your social media platforms, email campaigns and any other campaigns which you run.

Make potential affiliates aware of your program

Make sure that affiliates are aware of your program by publishing it on your website and reference it in your emails. Talk about your affiliate program on social media as it is easy to share with others and to be in direct contact with affiliates.

Direct contact at network events is a great way to make your affiliate program known and to grow it through the people who will act as advocates for your product.

Invest in recruitment campaigns

Create targeted campaigns by investing in PPC (Pay Per Click) recruitment campaigns as many affiliates search for new affiliate programs on search engines. Begin with a test budget to understand the bid amounts and what results you get for the relevant keywords in your industry. Then optimize these campaigns.

Once you have built a strong network of affiliates, they will not only grow your business for you, but their success will also build on itself to recruit more affiliates. Affiliates are an investment in your long-term marketing success, so do not be afraid to devote resources to drawing them into your program.

Good luck with your affiliate recruitment!

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