The most successful online marketers create their own products and this is by far the main reason why they become so successful. What is it about creating your own product that makes it so important if you want to succeed and make money online?

There are a number of reasons and we will look at some of the main reasons below:

* Make more money

As a product creator you make more money than an affiliate as you will receive 100% of the sales you make yourself and you can also capitalize on traffic sent by your affiliates. By creating your own products, you are creating an asset because you can sell these products that you create to the customers that buy your next product. This allows you to build funnels from one funnel to the next, so when a customer buys a particular product and they are on your list, you can automatically offer your previous products which is a powerful way of creating consistent money.

* Make money on autopilot

You only need to create your own digital products once and you can sell them over and over again. When selling digital products, every single part of the selling and delivery process can be automated and has the potential to generate income 24/7. Selling digital products has the benefit of not having to be present and trade time for money.

* Affiliates working for you

Once you have a team of affiliates working for you then you no longer have to worry about driving traffic to your offer. The benefit here is that affiliates may be specialists in various fields like SEO, Facebook marketing, YouTube etc. which means that you do not have to acquire all the different skills to drive traffic to your offer because the affiliates are doing it for you.

* Build multiple mailing lists

Each product you create will build 3 mailing lists, a prospect list who are potential customers, a customer list who are proven to buy your product and an affiliate list who probably want to promote your future products. You own these lists and they get bigger in number by default with the more products that you create. This is probably the most important benefit of creating your own product because you can continue promoting to your list to maximize your business.

* The best way to make money online

When you create your own digital products, they have a longevity, meaning that they can be sold over a long period of time. Some products are also known as evergreen products meaning that they do not go out of date. These products sometimes need upgrades from time to time but largely stay on the market sometimes for years and continue to sell and make you money. Every successful online marketer will have at least one product or service they offer for sale.

By creating your own products, you are learning an invaluable skill because once you have created a product, you will have a good idea of how it is done and the next products will be much easier to create. By repeating this process, it will give you the basis to become a successful internet marketer.

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