A question often asked is whether it is better to be an affiliate or a product vendor? In this post, we will unpack the pros and cons of being an affiliate or a product vendor, which will enable you to decide which best suits you.

Let’s start by understanding the difference between the two. Basically, an affiliate promotes other people’s products and earns a percentage of each sale as a commission. A vendor on the other hand, creates their own products which may be promoted by the vendor, in which case the vendor earns 100% of the sale. Any affiliate sales will result in a shared percentage of the value of the sale between the vendor and the affiliates.

The Pros of being an Affiliate:

One of the simplest and best ways to earn money on the internet is affiliate marketing. The start-up investment is low, and the initial set-up is quick. You do not have to have your own products to promote, which saves you time and money and there is a plethora of products that you can choose from to promote. You can easily get traffic by promoting your affiliate link via social media, like Facebook or Twitter, or through your website, or ads. Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to be a freelancer and provides you with the option of a primary or secondary income.

The Cons of being an Affiliate:

Affiliate marketing is highly competitive as there are lots of affiliate marketers out there, all fighting for the same traffic, making it just that much more difficult to succeed. There is a high failure rate which is directly linked to your commitment, skills level and perseverance. You also need to be promoting high quality products from reputable vendors and generating traffic to those products to succeed.

Affiliate marketing has the promise of making you a lot of money without demanding much of an investment but requires lots of effort and skill on your part.

The Pros of being a Product Vendor:

One of the biggest benefits of being a product vendor is that you can build multiple mailing lists to which you can market to over and over again. With every product you create you will build a prospect list, a customer list, and an affiliate list. As a vendor, you receive 100% of the sales that you do, and you will earn a percentage of the sales that your team of affiliates make. If you have a successful team of affiliates working for you then you no longer need to worry about driving traffic to your offer. Every single part of the selling and delivery process of digital products can be automated, so you can make money on autopilot. By being a vendor, you learn an extremely valuable skill; that of knowing how to build products which you can do repeatedly. By having your own product, you are more likely to be taken seriously, automatically positioning yourself as an authority and you have something to back up your claims.

The Cons of being a Product Vendor:

Being a product vendor means that you must spend the time and money creating products, sales funnels, recruiting affiliates and providing your affiliates with the tools they need to promote your product. The time and effort needed to do this successfully results in a longer start-up time.

You now have excellent information on which to base your decision on of whether you want to be an affiliate or a product vendor. Here’s a thought WHY NOT BE BOTH!

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