There are literally thousands of affiliate programs available for affiliates to join, with the obvious intention to create an income by promoting products online. However, not all affiliate programs may be what they seem to be and there are definitely some that are more attractive than others.

Before registering for any affiliate program, it is imperative that you do a thorough investigation of the program, to satisfy yourself that you are joining a reputable company that supplies quality products or services before you spend any time, effort and money on the program.

The 6 questions that should be answered satisfactorily are:

1. A Respected Company

Is the affiliate program that you want to join with a reputable company? Some ways of establishing this is to look for reviews about the company and possible scam reports. As an affiliate, you want to be certain that you are aligning yourself with a company in good standing that conducts ethical business.

2. Products and Services

Are the products and services that you want to promote as an affiliate of a high quality, and do they provide value to your customer? A good test would be if you would buy the product for yourself and be happy that it does what it is supposed to do. All products should be backed with a no questions asked money back guarantee, giving your customers peace of mind.

3. Affiliate Resources

Does the program provide you with the necessary resources to be successful? Some resources that you should expect to get with your affiliate program is an engaging sales letter, email copy, banner ads and text ads. Some programs have an online forum where affiliates can ask questions and network with other affiliates in the program which gives a sense of belonging.

4. How Will You be Paid

Earning a commission on your sales is the most common way that affiliates get paid. Be sure that you are earning around 50% plus commission for the affiliate program that you are promoting and receiving at least $50 per sale. It takes time, effort and money to be an affiliate, so make it count.

5. How Long Will the Tracking Cookie Last?

Customers do not always buy at the first attempt and may need time to consider their purchase by doing more research or might only need it sometime in the future. To allow your customer time to consider their purchase, affiliate programs assign a cookie length, which is the amount of time after the initial visit that the company will give you credit for the affiliate sale. An affiliate program with a minimum of 30 days is preferable as you will earn commission on every sale during the cookie period. The longer the cookie period the better.

6. Residual Income

Most affiliate programs pay you for the initial purchase made by a customer that you have sourced and after that, they continue to sell to the customer. Recurring income is the secret to making real money as an affiliate and you therefore want to be paid ongoing commissions from the customer that you sourced. This is a sure way to create a stable income month after month, so be sure to promote affiliate programs that give you recurring commissions.

Remember that it takes time, effort and money to be an affiliate, so evaluate affiliate programs that you are interested in and promote those that you are comfortable with.

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