There is no doubting the benefits of having Affiliates to build and grow your business, but it is just as important to have Affiliates that meet your criteria to protect your brand image. When you consider that Affiliates are an extension of your business and are actual representatives of your brand, it is of utmost importance that you are selecting the right people.

So, what is the makeup of the “right” Affiliate? This is not as simple as one might expect, however, to make the evaluation process easier, it is a good idea to develop a list of specific requirements that you are looking for. This may include the following:

Are they an authority in the same niche as your brand and are they active? By being an authority, usually means that they have a good following to whom they will promote your products and services and by being active, means that they engage with their followers, have a strong social media presence and post and comment regularly.

How will they promote your products and services and what experience do they have in Affiliate marketing to succeed as an Affiliate for your brand? Here you are looking for answers relating to social media promotion, email marketing and product reviews rather than just a link in a blog post.

Are they proactive and skilled in communication? Proactive Affiliates look for reasons to do things and do them correctly, rather than reasons not to do things. This normally results in positive outcomes. Good writing skills, including grammar and spelling, are important for the professionalism that you want for your brand.

With every positive there is usually also a negative. Try to identify Affiliates that will not meet your requirements and may have a negative impact on your brand. So, prepare yourself to look for the alarm signals from Affiliates which may include the following:

Social Media accounts and websites are a good indication to get a better understanding of the Affiliate. This will also be a way to see if the Affiliate is a good fit for your products and services.

Dubious looking email addresses with odd characters and words may be an indication that this is not the Affiliate for you.

Their manner of communication with you may indicate whether this will be a beneficial relationship or not.

It is advisable to spend time on developing a list of specific requirements that you are looking for when recruiting Affiliates for your products and services. After all, you have probably invested significant time and money in building your brand, so make sure that your Affiliates do it justice.

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