Kevin Antonie is a devoted family man, inspired by business, an avid sports fan and loves life!

Having started my career in sales, set me up to have experience in corporate management and eventually owning my first business. I have gone on to own several businesses, some of which I sold and presently earn my income as a franchise consultant and from a dedicated franchise website. My business is the typical scenario of trading hours spent working for income and living the month to month lifestyle which is, as you will probably agree with me, nerve wracking to say the least.

My success from earning an income online has been marginal and can honestly say that I have been through the “shiny object” syndrome, spending money on chasing the “next best thing” than I would have liked, to have the laptop lifestyle that I am determined to live – but have not yet achieved.

My wakeup call came on 17 July 2020 when I tested positive for COVID-19. I am incredibly happy to share that I have fully recovered but am more determined than ever to succeed online as I see this as my second chance.

Soon after this, I came across John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program that has eventually put me on the right track to have the laptop lifestyle that I am so determined to live. The approach, strategy and implementation of the program just makes so much sense that I had no hesitation in joining. This is my opportunity to build a business that ticks all the boxes with one of the World’s top Internet Marketers in my corner. A business that is automated, scalable, giving me financial freedom, more time with my precious family, doing the things I want to do when I want to do them and where I can work from anywhere in the world. All of this would not be possible without John’s program, guidance and support.

I believe in three traits, being Positive, Focused and Committed that have served me well in the past. Being positive makes me a solution seeker with a “can do” attitude rather than someone that always sees the negative in everything. Being Focused on specific tasks cuts out all interferences that come along to derail my progress. Being Committed makes me follow through with what I have committed to – no matter what.

P.S. Remember that only YOU can make the difference in your life and if I can help you find the answer, here it is.