Most people who say that PLR material is just a waste of time are probably not using it in the correct way. We will be discussing some of the most common mistakes people make when using PLR products so you can avoid committing the same mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not Making the PLR Product Your Own and Putting Your Stamp on it.

The first thing that 99% of sellers do who use PLR material and decided to resell it as their own product, is to put their name on it, upload it in its original format to the Web, and start marketing it. Without repurposing the material by adding more relevant information, using new graphics and giving the product a fresh look, is a road to certain disaster. By putting your own stamp on it, makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Mistake 2: Creating or Using Poor Quality Graphics on PLR Material

Poor quality graphics and trying to create graphics yourself (unless you are a graphic designer) leads to an unimpressive product. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, new, professional graphics will lead to an impressive and professional looking product. It is by far much safer to let a professional graphics designer do the job.

Mistake 3: Do not Create an Affiliate Program

Product creators that attempt to sell their own products only, are missing a massive opportunity by not creating an Affiliate Program. Recruiting affiliates to aid you in selling your product is the answer to upscaling your business as they drive traffic to your site and increased sales are made. Many marketers put a PayPal button on their pages while attempting to sell as many copies of their product as they can themselves which simply leads to the next mistake.

Mistake 4: Not Providing Your Affiliates with the Necessary Tools

Once you establish an affiliate program, you should provide your affiliates with the necessary tools that they need to promote your products effectively. These tools include an attractive commission plan, product reviews, sales letters, email swipes and graphics amongst others. The more tools that you can provide, the better for your affiliates to promote your products. If you do not provide any affiliate tools, it is most likely that they will fail to promote your products competently or at all.

Mistake 5: Not Building a List from Your Efforts

In any online effort, list building is an integral part of success. You can build three lists from each PLR product released. These include a prospect list, a customer list, and an affiliate list. More so, if you have an affiliate program, you can benefit from the efforts of others. As such, you should include an opt-in form on each page that you create.

Mistake 6: Unable to Understand License Terms

Just as any quality product, PLR products also have strict license terms. As such, it is particularly important that you read and follow these terms. They are there for a reason and by not following the terms, may cause you more trouble than you expect.

Mistake 7: The Assumption that Old or Outdated Material is Substandard

Older PLR material does not necessarily mean that it is substandard. If it is a quality product that is professionally written with relevant content, the product can still be used. It is also important to update the product and enhance it to give it a fresh look.

Mistake 8: The Assumption that Unlimited Licenses is a Disadvantage

Although a PLR product has been distributed to numerous people, it does not necessarily imply that it is a disadvantage. Most people think that limited licenses will sell more as compared to unlimited licenses. The fact is your sales page sells the product and the number of people having access to the PLR product does not have relevance on your sales. The important thing is you put extra effort in making the product your own. You should not be affected if many people have access to the product since they are unlikely to do anything with it. Most people do not change the graphics, so the number of people with access on the product does not really matter.

Mistake 9: Not Using the PLR Material that You Purchased

You may be one of the many people who have purchased PLR material, simply stored it on your computer and never made use of it. If you are planning to purchase PLR material or join PLR member sites, make sure you do not waste your money by not using the material.


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I assure you that you will not regret this.

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