PLR products have changed the game and provide several opportunities to make money online using products that you didn’t even create. Without wasting anymore time, get reading and get busy making money!

1. Blog or Website Content
Valuable content attracts visitors to your blog or website. By using quality PLR content, which is quick and easy, you can make regular blog posts and add information to your website to build loyal followers.

2. Create Reports
Reports which are usually short PDF’s can effectively be used in different ways. They provide information on specific topics and can be sold, given away or used as bonuses.

3. Create a Membership Sites
By using quality PLR in your niche, the content can instantly be sold as is or it may be edited to provide a unique offer making residual income.

4. Newsletters
Regularly sending out valuable information that they can use in your newsletters will keep your email subscribers excited about your business.

5. Autoresponder
You can load PLR content as a series of email articles on your autoresponder to continually build relationships with your customers and close more sales.

6. eBooks
Sell PLR eBooks as they are or add additional content as most PLR products come with sales letters and even graphics.

7. Create Several Shorter eBooks
By doing this you can charge more for your eBooks by dividing them into several shorter books. You are now able to create a series, with each book exciting your reader to read the next book in the series.

8. Build Your List
Use PLR products like eBooks or reports as free bonus giveaways to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your list.

9. Create Digital Products
By combining one or more PLR products you can easily create a unique new product which you can have ready for sale in a short time. With your own products, you can have affiliates promoting them and make more money and at the same time, build your list.

10. Use as Bonuses
By using PLR content as bonuses, customers are more likely to buy from you when you offer added value for purchasing your primary product.

11. Boost Affiliate Campaigns
Increase your number of customers by offering free bonus products to people who purchase your affiliate product.

12. Create Video Tutorials
Package high quality video tutorials that can be sold, given away as bonuses or use them to obtain more traffic and followers on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

13. Create Audiobooks or Podcasts
New customers who prefer to listen to eBooks, eCourses, or articles in audio format can be reached.

14. Physical copies
Increase the value of the PLR content and print physical books to reach people who prefer physical copies.

15. Product Flipping
Modify the PLR products by adding value which can be sold at higher prices on popular marketplaces like Warrior Forum.

16. Free Publicity
Submit a description of the product by writing a press release to press release websites. This will drive traffic to your site establishing high quality, permanent backlinks to enhance your site’s SEO.

17. Convert into Webinars
Convert the PLR content for a high-value webinar that assists in building your email list and sell other products that you offer.

18. Translate into Different Languages
Translate the PLR content into different languages to reach more customers where there’s less competition.

Start building your online business to make an income with PLR by following the tips above and immediately reap the rewards.

P.S. PLR content is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create your own products and product creation is the very basis upon which successful internet marketers build their fortunes. John Thornhill is a Master of product creation and in his program Partnership to Success, he shows you step by step how to create products, using quality PLR content with unparalleled one-on-one training.

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